Touchstone Pathway

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Sample Advisor Discovery Survey


Check out this sample Client Discovery survey to experience the value of our repeatable, and therefore scalable, approach to Client Discovery and Decision Support. 

Survey's are completely customizable, but the varied templates are ready to go if you want to hit the ground running. 

Any given answer can be set to trigger one of three things. You can trigger a more detailed "Topic" Survey, a customizable Insight, or an Advisor Notification, based on the specific answer chosen.


Introductory Section
Sections can be used to introduce various topical ideas.

This is where you can say more about the surveys in this section. Spell out detailed instructions here. 

Sections also act as "page breaks" if you want to render the survey layout "section by section" instead of vertically. Your choice.

This is where you can add a Hint if you want to say a bit more about the context of the question. You can turn the Commentary box on or off.

Check all that apply. if you check "Other", the Commentary box will appear. Nice, eh?

Rank order is a quick and easy way to assess a client's priorities.

      I struggle with getting to know my clients at a deep and personal level.
      I need a scalable solution to quickly and easily reference what my clients have told me they truly care about.
      I want to know things about my clients or prospects that I don't have time to explore in the meeting so a tool to "query" them in advance would be great.
      Prepping for client meetings takes too long. I need a better way.
      I'm looking for "lead generation" tool on my Website that can show an immediate value add to prospects and easily capture their name and email.

Scale Surveys Demonstration
This section highlights our Scale survey functionality. Check out our Scale type survey question.

You can edit the scale labels, adjust the scale between 3-10 and more...

Scale questions enable a quick assessment of how a person feels about a subject, or what is going on in their life.

You can trigger Topic Surveys, Insights, or Advisor Notifications based on the answer chosen.

Not Like Me
Somewhat Like Me
A Lot Like Me

Not Likely to Occur
May Occur
Happening Now

Demographic Information
Here are a few more examples of various question types


Insights Demonstration
Touchstone Pathway enables client and advisor "Triggers" that help advisors learn more about the client, tell the client more about the subject at hand, or be notified to an action item.

Triggers are dependent on answers and are customizable.  

Triggers are:

1) Insights - Opened ended text, including links to additional information.

2) Trigger a separate, relevant survey, such as a Topic survey to dive deeper into a specific subject.

3) Trigger a notification to the advisor for further action.  

Set up Triggers in edit mode. Insights are shown in the rendered results. Go to the Client Dashboard to see the triggered survey. Go your your dashboard to see the notification. 

Check all that apply. Once completed, you will be redirected to your Profile page and can see 'suggested' surveys based on response #1. See customizable Insights based on your response to #2. View Notifications on your Advisor Dashboard to see the response Notification mentioned in response #3.